Hi :)
Hello all ...smile

Its indeed a great pleasure to join this group which has the purpose of spreading scientific thoughts.

I am a born atheist!! haha.. well we are all born atheists since a new born child' mind is non-conformational in its true sense. But i what i meant to say was that i am born into an atheistic family and i am very proud of that while at the same time being so fortunate for that chance arrival of myself into this family smile well that apart its a real challenge to live in this society with these thoughts and since i dont know anything about how to perform any ritual most of the times of i am out of place with my friends and their families. But my friends who are all believers have been very understanding though. Nevertheless its a challenge indeed which myself and my family has to face at stage of our lives!! That does not stop us from living this stupendous life in each of its brilliant ways. I am thoroughly enjoying every moment of it smile Now its even more joyous to find a group like nirmukta where I can be completely true to myself and I am looking forward to open discussions.

Thank you so much for being there! I am relieved to a great extend to find you smile

Cheers! smile
welcome to the group mate
so where are you from , how old are you?
(13-Jun-2011, 04:55 PM)lalitmohanchawla Wrote: welcome to the group mate
so where are you from , how old are you?

Thanks smile

I am a Public Health Dentist who is into academics and research. Work at a Dental teaching and research institute at Bengaluru and also pursuing PhD at Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bengaluru. I will be 31 this coming August smile

I do blog once in a while: smile-smilewithyourheart.blogspot.com

I am also a freelance life skills trainer.

I am very much interested in Kannada literature since both my parents are from literature field.

Happy to be here smile

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