Hi Everyone..........
I am Naveen from Hyderabad and I am very happy to be part of Nirmukta

I am a freethinker and secular humanist if i have to describe myself, i am influenced by Osho a lot.  I am neither theist nor atheist, i have not concluded anything yet, but i do feel India needs atheists badly.  I feel India is becoming too stubborn to any change and becoming stale day by day.  India needs to think freely to be alive and requires more rationalists, atheists, humanists to keep the balance with orthodoxy.

My wife is a brahmin and we follow minimum rituals as a culture.  I love movies a lot and Babu Gogineni's Open Heart with RK interview introduced me to the Humanist and Atheist world, and it certainly helped me to become more human.

I have attended couple of Hyderabad Freethinkers' meet earlier and wish to continue the support to Nirmukta movement.

hello i am jacob carl . i am new to this group . interested in science and technology , political matters.

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