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Hello Everyone

I am Ranjith from Kochi. I was born into a Syriac Orthodox christian family. I was indoctrinated early into the faith, rituals and the custom of our church. I was an alterboy and studied and believed in my monotheistic God. I had doubts and questions. In the beginning the answers that were supplied sounded sensible. But as I grew older I found it disturbing that the knowledge in my Bible and in the world outside where extremely at odds. I turned agnostic when I was 20, It is an ode to the extensive religious indoctrination that I had to go through that it was four years later that I was able to actualize and embrace atheism.

I had a wonderful personal experience. I found myself weeping uncontrollably. All fear and half truths that were embedded inside my mind disappeared. I thought i was special, created by God and taken care of by him. I felt humbled and small. I began feeling an empathy for everyone around me. I felt I had been blind all these years and the scales of irrationality and superstition came off as i wept.

I would like to meet and interact and learn from people here. Are there any groups meeting regularly in ernakulam ?

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