Hi. I've been following Nirmukta on FB for a while now, but good to see a message board too! So glad that there's something promoting freethought in India too.

About myself, well, the name's Shivam, I'm a professional actor and dancer from Mumbai. I'm 21, just graduated in commerce, intending to do a psychology masters outside of India soon, but primarily want to focus on my acting career. I love film, theater, science, science fiction, argumentative and creative writing, music, dogs, etc... and I love secular humanism. ;)

Also, for anyone interested, you can have a look at my TV debut here. It's fresh, just 10 days ago ;)


(Ironically, my character's name is 'Shiva' ... lol)

So... Hello Nirmukta! Passionate secular humanist, at your service! smile
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Welcome Flowers
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(12-Aug-2012, 11:36 AM)LMC Wrote: Welcome Flowers
Also check out our complete network

Thanks! I'm already subscribed to most of those on facebook. Oh and the indianatheists website seems to be having issues.Sad

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