Poll: How many rationalists/atheists/agnostics do you know personally
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How many rationalists/atheists/agnostics do you know personally
It's not that I'm an agent for Mossad! Lol

I'm in my third year at RG Kar Medical College in Kolkata. But to be honest, most of my atheist-friends are from school. And it's kinda strange as well, because our batch in school was particularly 'godless'. We used to spit on pictures of gods, kick on prayer-hall walls and so on (I know, I know! It was immature but we were like 14/15 then!). My latest act of atheism involved sticking posters on Dawkins' birthday with 4-5 friends on temples, churches, metro-stations, shopping malls etc. We were too scared to stick them on mosques though! I even arranged a science show on my old school with atheism as the hidden agenda!
Nothing is more telling about Islam than the fact that it is such a religion that people are scared of getting killed to just hang around a mosque! Biggrin

But it's great to know what you have been upto, especially about the science show! Great job, mate.

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