How to evade the law using spiritual mumbojumbo
Mind blown. A certain, very famous, Indian guru explaining how his wife died. Considering that he was once questioned about her death by the law, I don't know what to say when I see this video!

tl;dr : Jewels are used to retain a woman's soul, so that it doesn't escape when she is overwhelmed by marriage. Meditating wife removes jewels, leaves her body, and expires. For more levity, watch full video.

(Admin/Mods: I don't know if this is best filed under pseudoscience, is there a thread (in Lounge, say?) to post such videos. The video is laughably, trivially pseudoscientific. Face Palm )

"Science is interesting. If you don't agree, f off." GoodMorning
This nonsense is dangerous. This kind of stuff is no different than the Christian habit of sacring kids with tales of Hell. This fraud is threatening women into wearing pieces of metal; If they don't, then there is a chance that they will die. And he calls this process scientific.

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