Hypocritical & false notion of Indian Culture
This may come as a SHOCK, but people in India dearly entertain a false concept of Indian Culture. They go about parading it in the most Dubious and Hypocritical manner. In fact, such dubious use of the term raises more questions than it answers!

First let’s take a look at some examples of how the term “Indian Culture” is used:
1. “Don’t indulge in premarital sex, it’s against Indian Culture.”
2. “Homosexuality is not in keeping with Indian Culture.”
3. “Girls who wear skimpy clothes are a disgrace and an insult to our culture and ethos.”
4. “We do not want any sex education. This will introduce more obscenity and instability in our society.”
5. “Indian Culture does not promote such immoral act as sleeping with someone who’s not your spouse.”

Here, I need to draw attention 3 important things:
1. The majority of the (obnoxious) bouts of morality generally paraded in the name of Indian Culture are directed at Sex and Nudity/Semi-nudity.
2. They hopelessly fail to take into account basic facts of our society and its cultural environment:
  • The so-called Indian Culture is actually a collection of all kinds of contradictory attitudes and mentality and lifestyles. It’s not homogeneous but heterogeneous.
  • And this is very important: NO ONE FOLLOWS INDIAN CULTURE IN ALL ITS FORMS (rituals, scriptural teachings & religious doctrines & what not)! In fact, on ones even aware of all these forms!
3. Inbuilt in this notion of “Indian Culture” are many CONTRADICTIONS and HYPOCRISY as well.

Ex. Of Contradictions + Hypocrisy :
• We’ve a classic sex treatise called Kamasutra, but we have people suffering from “mental seizures” when it comes to sex education in schools.
• Hindus worship the Shiv Linga (sculpture of a penis entering the vagina), but are offended by skimply dressed ladies in the media (jokers have filed cases in courts against celebrities because of this).
• Premarital sex and extra-marital sex are so-called immoral but prostituting oneself in the marriage market and marital rapes are condoned shamelessly.
• Lack of Cleanliness & Hygienic sense (spitting on road and pissing in the public and doing potty on road and rail tracks and general littering and dumping of garbage)
• Lack of Traffic sense
• Lack of Civic sense

The traditionalists may not follow all the norms of Indian Culture, but when it comes to SEX and the FEMALE BODY they are immediately reminded of so-called Indian Culture! It’s pretty obvious they suffer from massive MENTAL BLOCKS – and the resultant extreme discomfort and embarrassment – in the face of those two things; and, therefore, to justify their (false) mentality they brandish the weapon of Indian Culture.
Nice observations. "Culture" is a convenient tool for imposing the moral values that they thing should prevail. But then they themselves do not follow such values.
absolutely true!!
Cruelty must be whitewashed by a moral excuse and pretense of reluctance. ~George Bernard Shaw

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