Image-Quotes of Indian Freethinkers.
This thread is to collect quotes and images of Indian Freethinkers so that we can create and share images like these.

[Image: uhxvE.png]

You can copy past the quote and leave a link to the images. Try to find as high a resolution image as possible.
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High Res:

thanks lalit. i wonder if we can find another pic of Abraham Kovoor. That seems to be the only pic available. I want to do the "Begone, Godmen" quote, but not sure if that pic will be powerful enough.
yes you want a more active-energetic pose for such a quote? right?
I only found one more pic ,but that is very small in size,and it is also not very energetic.
[Image: EKEX6.jpg?1]
It will be great to have stock image responses for oft-repeated creationist and other pseudoscientific questions like 'How did something come from nothing?'

For instance, from Prof. VK Wadhawan's post on the Big Bang, we can have:

Quote:....In a fission-based nuclear reactor we produce energy by losing a little mass of, say, uranium. The nucleus of an atom of uranium captures a neutron to form a ‘compound nucleus’. This then splits (fissions) to two different nuclei the sum total of the masses of which is a little less than the mass of the compound nucleus. The balance mass appears as kinetic energy (same as heat energy) of the particles involved.

What happened at the Big Bang was that there was a simultaneous emergence of the gravitational interaction. There was an explosion of sorts, in which radiation (and, a little latter, matter) emerged. The universe has been expanding ever since then. Expansion means an increase in the distances between the celestial bodies. Such ever-increasing distances mean a build-up of negative energy, which gets compensated by the creation of an equivalent amount of matter.

This is how mass gets created out of ‘nothing’, and there is no violation of the law of mass/energy conservation.

A paired illustration of a fission reactor and the Big Bang ('mother of all fission reactors'), leading on the 'something out of nothing' punchline at the end can potentially be a resource which counter-creationists the world over may link to. Of course, any such quotation from practising professors needs their express content for such use first (at the very least, their nod before sharing the finished product).

It would also be great if image summaries for every episode in the whole series on Understanding Natural Phenomena are available, functioning as 'flash-cards' of the takeaways of each article.
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"Atheism is just a conclusion. Rationalism is an approach to life. It is Humanism which is a life stance - a philosophy."
- Babu Gogineni

"It is those who accuse us of hurting Indian culture (the puritans) who tend to see Indian culture as a monolithic, un-changing entity, incapable of improvement."
- Ajita Kamal
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The suggestions in this thread and other threads of this subforum or for creation of original images,not just popular memes around,so i suggest that whatever be the output of these discussions,the images should be posted on sundays,holidays or birthdays for maximum reach.

Quote:"Atheism is just a common sense conclusion. Rationalism is an approach to life. It is Secular Humanism which is a philosophy - a way of life."
- Babu Gogineni

"It is those who accuse us of hurting Indian culture (the puritans) who tend to see Indian culture as a monolithic, un-changing entity, incapable of improvement."
- Ajita Kamal

[Image: 6078994653_66daa8a829_b.jpg]
[Image: 5486214735_84592b4861_b.jpg]
[Image: 001.jpg]
Also,on the whole never ending firebrands vs diplomats and on-ground vs online, debates:

Quote:Sometimes building a community of freethinkers and creating social alternatives to mainstream culture can be the most effective and satisfying solution for furthering the freethought movement. Other times, simply laughing at these absurd and patently false ideas is the best way to initiate doubt and self-examination and to provoke believers into questioning these dangerous indoctrinated beliefs. Anger, ridicule, compassion and understanding are all necessary and powerful tools to be harnessed at the appropriate time towards promoting science and reason.
~Ajita Kamal
Why I am an by atheist bhagat singh?
And let's not forget Javed Akhtar.
Some sample quotes (source linked to here)

Quote:Arms, drugs and spirituality – these are the three big businesses in the world. But in arms and drugs you really have to do something, give something. That’s the difference. Here you don’t have to give anything.

In this supermarket you get instant Nirvana, Moksha by mail, a crash course in self realization, cosmic consciousness in four easy lessons. This supermarket has its chain all over the world, where the restless elite buy spiritual fast food.

The following can make for an interesting point-counterpoint creation.
Quote:Let us try to decide on the meaning of this word spirituality. Does it mean love for mankind that transcends all religion, caste, creed, race? Is that so? Then I have no problem. Except that I call it humanity.

Does it mean love of plants, trees, mountains, oceans, rivers, animals? The non-human world? If that is so, again I have no problem at all. Except that I call it environmental consciousness.

Does spirituality mean heartfelt regard for social institutions like marriage, parenthood, fine arts, judiciary, freedom of expression. I have no problem again sir, how can I disagree here? I call it civil responsibility.

Does spirituality mean going into your own world trying to understand the meaning of your own life? Who can object on that? I call it self-introspection, self assessment.

Does spirituality mean Yoga? Thanks to Patanjali, who has given us the details of Yoga, Yam, Yatam, aasan, pranayam…We may do it under any name, but if we are doing pranayam, wonderful. I call it healthcare. Physical fitness.

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Quote:Any man who stands for progress has to criticize, disbelieve and challenge every item of the old faith. Item by item he has to reason out every nook and corner of the prevailing faith. If after considerable reasoning one is led to believe in any theory or philosophy, his faith is welcomed. His reasoning can be mistaken, wrong, misled and sometimes fallacious. But he is liable to correction because reason is the guiding star of his life. But mere faith and blind faith is dangerous: it dulls the brain, and makes a man reactionary.
Bhagat singh
Besides individual quotes by 'celebrity freethinkers', this format can perhaps also lend itself to 'ads' for freethinker groups. For example, how about a group pic (or group collage) of Chennai Freethinkers accompanied by the following excerpt from the report of CFT's 15th meet?

Quote:We are not just about atheism – we are about a shared love for science; a feeling of empathy for the less fortunate; a stark awareness about privileges; an honest recognition of the prejudices and finally an over-riding feeling of humanism informed by gender sensitivity and a quiet shunning of class / caste inequalities
- Geetha T.G.

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