I am a student who is pursuing physics and I am very passionate about physics.... Believe me!! But that is not the reason why I became an atheist. Heads up about me... I come from a broken family with a history of mental disorders. I have faced physical, verbal and sexual abuse at hands of different people. This is true and I dont usually talk about it since it really discomforts me. However coming back to the point,, GOD was the first person I turned to.... and I realized it's only a concept to comfort stupid minds and yes I was stupid little kid... I used to violently criticize anybody who defiled the god's name.. In return what does he do??????... Witness the violence like a movie in his home theater in heaven. Don't know if that actually exists. Religion gives you pain , personal agony and intolerance to your own self. My mother and her family of mental retards support god..(Mommy is not a mental retard,,, she is just brainwashed with a little bipolar disorder). Religion gave me so much of conflict that I used to punish myself just for having a crush which is normal. I spent the last two years in convent school.. And oh my god ,,, the level of deception they use as tools to spread gods name. Think of this ... I quote " Several organisations such as the UN are participating in the conspiracy against god for implementing birth control measures such as condoms and abortions in poor and underprivileged nations like Africa and exploiting their poverty. May the lord save us!" said by Holy spirit organisation speaker Roshan in secunderabad Huh  Huh  Huh  Huh  Huh   Huh. Maybe world war 3 should have taken place right, for the conveinence of the pope without UN. Guys however I am single .. I would like some friends to express views.. I wish there are more females to participate in these discussions and don't worry!! Having a vagina need not be an inhibition of thought flow to us. ( Excuse my language but really this instrument should not deter us)
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