I am Sena from Kandy Sri Lanka
A member of SriLanka Rationalist's association ,Kandy Branch
Welcome aboard Sena, hope to have some good discussions on here.
I've been meaning to visit Sri Lanka, but never had the opportunity, time nor the cash Biggrin
We should meet if a chance precipitates!

Peace Flowers
"It's alright, I rarely meet anyone who's able to read it properly. Although personally, I never thought that it to be an odd of a name. Once I give people the pronunciation, they tend to remember my name by easily associating me with it. A unique face, a unique moniker."
hi to alll
Hello sandip
I hope to make some sense out of the free thoughts arising from the collective intelligence of this community.
Logic is my religion!
Hello to all. I am John from UK. I am 22 years old. My hobbies are reading and playing games. Mostly i love to play football and like to read digest. Now a days i am doing my studies and also a doing a part time job in London. I hope i will enjoy here with all of you.Thanks.
Ha all
i am Roshind from Kerala working in bang lore.
Hello I am Prathap from USA originally from Bangalore.. I was born as a Jain, but now an atheist.. I subscribe to atheistic beliefs in Jainism but denounce its theistic claims of liberation/soul and principles of self suffering etc.. As a child I was only exposed to minimal ritualistic practices under religion, so it was easy for me to develop a natural rational outlook towards things around me.. Since my childhood I never subscribed to ideas of supreme God etc.. But until recently I didnt try much to reason out my atheistic beliefs or why theism doesnt make sense.. I just had a vague understanding that theism just cant be true.. But thanks to my intro to literature/speeches by modern day atheists like Dawkins, Harris and Hitchens, I do feel 'enlightened' on why theism is wrong and now it seems I have perfect reasons for my beliefs..

I am Arpan Ahuja from Kharagpur(WB). I used to think that there were very few Indian atheists before but this site is Godsend(Big Grin). I have been watching videos of freethinkers like Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens and Sam Harris for a few years now. My evolution to an atheist happened in a strange way. I became much more religious before I recognized it was all hogwash. Has that been the experience of many people here?
Anyway it's great to be a member of this forum. Hope to contribute to our community a lot.

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hi chandan from bangalore. Nice to meet some guys who think same like me.
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Hello, my name is Michelle from Chandigarh. Nice to meet you guys.
[fon‌t=Times New Roman]"I think being an atheist is something you are, not something you do."
-Christopher Hitchens

Hi I am Kaamil Khan,,, nice to visit here....!!!!!

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