Hello everyone I'm Karthik from Gujarat
Hey Karthik, welcome to Nirmukta! Can you tell us a bit more about yourself? Like what led you to become a freethinker?
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Hello Administrator and friends here,

I am Samanth and pleased to come across this website. Religiously I have gone transformation as below

Atheist > Hindu (sham) > Half-Deist-and-Half-Buddhist (now)

I wanted to bring to notice about the religious teachings that happen in IITs and then uploaded to youtube. From these videos - it can be known that these happened in Kanpur and Kharagpur.

I found this very disgusting since our constitution clearly states that no religion can be thought in state educational institutions! Please refer to Article 28 below


28. (1) No religious instruction shall be provided in
any educational institution wholly maintained out of State

(2) Nothing in clause (1) shall apply to an educational
institution which is administered by the State but has
been established under any endowment or trust which
requires that religious instruction shall be imparted in
such institution.

(3) No person attending any educational institution
recognised by the State or receiving aid out of State funds
shall be required to take part in any religious instruction
that may be imparted in such institution or to attend any
religious worship that may be conducted in such
institution or in any premises attached thereto unless such
person or, if such person is a minor, his guardian has
given his consent thereto.

I made my religious beliefs clear in starting - what that would mean is even if somebody thought Buddhism in IITs - it would be still against our constitution.

I guess this becomes a strong case against these IITs.

Can Nirmukta take up and file a PLI against these IITs ?

Thank you
Hi I am Nishant from Bhopal. I am a atheist from a long time and am looking for some group/community so that we can do something to prevent damage religion is making to country/world.

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