Is This Fear Mongering? (Toxic Cosmetics)
Is this video accurate? It employs a lot of common scare tactics that makes me suspicious of it.

Seems like somebody made a detailed critique (Got it from the comments on the video):

There is a fair amount of truth in the video. The problem is, the hyperbolic picture that she paints about the "toxics" that surround us makes her seem completely cookoo. And of course, she's factually wrong in at least a couple of places. Like the comment that Lije pointed to was saying, lead in lipstick is negligible.

A bit of googling and I found a couple of studies that confirmed my bias.
Quote:" 2009 the FDA released a follow-up study that found lead in all samples of lipstick it tested, at levels ranging from 0.09 to 3.06 ppm...."
Quote:"An analytical method and results are given for the determination of lead and cadmium in Brussels sprouts, apples, pears, cabbages, potatoes, onions, leeks, carrots, swedes, watercress, frozen vegetables, cucumber, celery, tomatoes, mushrooms and dried herbs. The lead content of the 231 samples was in the range 0.01 to 3.85 parts/million..."

Maybe there are people who eat more lipstick than vegetables over their lifetime. Blink But we are not talking about lead alone.

It is true that the regulatory bodies in the US are pretty much controlled by industry (through special interest groups and corporate lobbyists), and this is a dangerous scenario. The FDA is used as a revolving door for industry people to enter government, change the law to suit their corporations while ignoring the science, and then re-enter the corporate world to profit of their political victories.

There are very real warning signs that we don't really know much about how many of the chemicals that we use in everyday products interact over long periods of time. More and more studies are coming out about how exposure to high concentrations of certain chemicals have impacts on reproductive health many years after the initial exposure. Sometimes, these effects can be observed several generations down the line! The truth is, the rate at which the market is demanding new consumables has vastly outstripped our ability to stay informed on their dangers. In such a scenario, consumer rights must be protected by governing bodies.
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