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It always puzzles me why one never takes good advice from people. They recklessly go down the path of self destruction until a "god-man", "guru" or whatever term for spiritual hack tells them exactly the same bit of advice, extracts a few thousand cash and adds on a spiritual message of no value whatsoever. It's kind of like that Ask toolbar that gets bundled with every single download: unwanted baggage that only slows the system down.
My point- you don't need to drink yourself to the point of a new liver transplant, beat the crap out of your family in an alcohol driven rage and go down the gutter and then be saved by "God" or one of innumerous servants. The advice of a good friend or the stark ramifications of reality should be sufficient. The reason one went into drugs, alcohol or whatever is because of want for escapism or due to other factors- not because you are a weak,temptable,wretched sinner who is created sick and commanded to be well.

You guys can say whatever you want- No proof, no deal. And I'm not going to be juvenile and start listing dares for you to perform to "prove" to me that "X" is the son of Y or that Z is the true servant of X (or is that Y?). I'm not going to tempt myself and dare your divine entity to cure the sick, raise the dead and revitalize the Indian stock market. Because it CANNOT be done.

If this man is a secularist and promotes brotherhood and an ear for the right people, then I'm on board. But if he is packaging a religion in the guise of helping, I'm out.

This makes me wonder if you people are actually checking your own sentences before submitting or atleast give a damn about spelling and grammar.
Quote: and its my wish u believe it or not...its ur loss......just try cumin once!!!!
If that is the case, why the hell do you care so much about the rest of us and in convincing us? If by your standards we are going to hell and you don't care either way for the purported eternal torture of your fellow human being and you openly say that's our loss, why do want us to "cum" so badly?

Quote:Frnd greetings to u & ur family in Jesus name & God Bless U mate
And finally, atheists in general do not find "God bless you" offensive.
But imagine how presumptuous you are in assuming that your God is the real McCoy and then openly spreading that thought to others without thinking about them. So I wish to say to you, dear follower of Jesus:

Allah is the One True God. Prophet M'mad (PBUH forever, amen, Inshallah) is his slave and follower and prophet and the words of the Quaran are the True Words. Repent before it's too late!

Lord Vishnu is the One True God. Worship him! Vishnu bless you!
Lord Shiva is the One True God. What with the Ganges, the crescent Moon and the cool Cobra and an all Destroying 3rd eye, how can you not worship him? Shiva Bless You!!!!

That's my two cents;I'm done. Consider troll fed.Devil2
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(02-Apr-2012, 10:20 AM)John Wesley Wrote: hi mate im John, former member of JCNM and wht u heard is correct and its true that he is the servant of god and plz do not say words against him my frnd for he does wht he is asked to do by the lord. I was really bad into all kinds of drugs but after going to anna i have changed and now my life is full of joy and peace try not to expose him for he does nothing wrong but instead listen and then say that Jesus is the Living God and my frnd listen to his messages and thn comment. Frnd greetings to u & ur family in Jesus name & God Bless U matesmile

Dear John Wesley,

FCensored you, get Lost!!


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