Liberal, Atheist, Feminist, Humanist
Hi! Vivek here! I thank my mom for giving me such a rational, secular name which is suitable to my personality :-)
I identify myself with all the labels such as rationalist, liberal, atheist, feminist, humanist, environmentalist, non-conformist.
I have a faith in above ideologies & I'm strongly optimistic about them. Although I try to strike a good balance of idealistic and realistic implementation of these ideologies.

I despise all kinds of discriminations based on sex, gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, caste, color, class, region, language.
I feel solidarity with all the people repressed due to above discriminations.
I take interest in the subaltern cultures, amateur free art.

I haven't read much famous or 'standard' books, but developed my thoughts from the readings on the web.

Now I would also like to know about you reading this intro!

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