List of International Freethinker/Atheist Associations and Conferences
As Nirmukta grows, so should our association with international freethought/atheist associations, organisations, and we ought to be represented at major international conferences. As a process leading up to this, this thread attempts to crowd-source a list of international associations and forthcoming conferences. Please add to the list:


1. Atheist Alliance International

2. International Humanist and Ethical Union

Forthcoming Conferences:

1. Global Atheist Convention; Melbourne, Australia, 13-15 April, 2012

Prof. Nayak has informed me that FIRA will soon be affiliating with IHEU. I think that is a course we can also follow after registration.

Regarding AAI, we should definitely be affiliating ourselves with them. Here's some additional information about how AAI was formed:

Edit: Another link on the formation of AAI (from the AAI website) with a short speech by the newly elected president of AAI:
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