List of freethinker blogs
Hey all. Many of us like writing about science, religion, reason, atheism, etc. I think it's time we form a list of all Indian freethinker blogs. You could have a blog that talks about freethought etc, or even something completely unrelated (such as cooking). We want India and the world to see that atheists/rationalists/freethinkers are as normal as anyone else, apart from being progressive and rational.

So here are my blogs:
On Freethought and other issues (not updated in a long time):

My photo blog:

My comic blog:

My microblog/Twitter:

Add to the list, folks.
I don't blog yet about atheism/free thought, but I will soon. In the meanwhile, people can look at my programming/computers blog: On twitter: imdonatello.
Aditya Manthramurthy
Web Administrator & Associate Editor

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