Martian propulsion by prayer
So apparently the head of ISRO, G. Radhakrishnan, went to Tirupathi to pray for the success of the Mars mission and placed a model of the orbiter there.
Indian Rationalists criticized his action, to be met by the expected shitstorm. Criticizing superstition = criticizing Hinduism, and according to the commenting public, said rationalists would've kept quiet if it had been a Muslim/Christian praying.

Why don't we just discard everything scientific and resort to prayer and breaking coconuts as a way of doing anything and everything?
Want to send a probe to Mars? Sit and pray to make it go, instead of worrying about orbital mechanics.
Want to cure your illness? Forget about doctors, go break a coconut at the nearest shrine. (which, in the absence of proper medical attention, is what people had to do as recently as a century ago)

Utter hypocrisy to use the fruits of science and then fall back on superstition. And I've not even gotten to the part when the head of a supposedly scientific institution continues to rely on superstition and publicly flaunts the fact.

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