Men/Women searching for partners - this way please :)
Hello everyone

I thought I'll start a thread for those of us who are on the lookout. Why not? I was directed to this page by an article on dating and marriage by Prof. Narendra Nayak.

How is a thread like this different from a matrimonial website? Well, this is for those of us who want to get to know each other instead of searching for profiles on matrimonial sites to get married in a hurry ( not that everyone going to matrimonial sites want to get married in a hurry :P).

Moderators - I hope I'm not violating forum rules by starting this thread Big Grin.
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(18-Mar-2012, 02:46 AM)john730 Wrote: Moderators - I hope I'm not violating forum rules by starting this thread Big Grin.

There aren't any rules regarding match-making Devil2 But one thing to note - atheist groups in-general have more men than women, and as a result women may find that they are being hit upon frequently. Which is not cool.

So the only thing I will say is let us be considerate of others - they might only be on the forums for interacting with like minded folks - we have to bear enough crap from the religious who assume that the entire world is religious, so the forums are kind of an oasis in the desert of irrationality - and proceed only when they show interest in this sort of thing. So the default assumption should be that they aren't here for seeking a match.

That said, some gratuitous advice - sometimes the idealogy is not that important. What is important is how well you can get along with your partner. Sometimes it might be the smallest of things - like what movie you want to watch togther - that can disturb the strength of the relationship.
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Obviously we need to first address the question of why atheist groups are more male dominated (probably the only instance where the Venn diagrams of the clergy and atheist groups intersect! Laugh ). It simply may be under-representation at work; women may not be that outspoken or perhaps there are plenty of women atheists out there and their voices aren't heard or are feeble as to be lost in the male crowd. So yes, if we are looking for possible dates on here, we would be multiple "hitting on" on some ladyfolk, who may be pleased with the attention at first, but soon realizes she would be rather left alone. As Lije aptly puts it : "Not kewl you guys (in Eric Cartman's voice)"
The fact that perhaps both partners are atheists aside, there are a multitude of other factors that can essentially wreck the budding relationship- ranging from opinions on politics, literature (or the Rs.95 farce "novels"), music and even movies.

Right, before I go too off-topic, let me just say
Ladies, I'm single and ready to mingle (start the moosik!)
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