Michel Danino - The Lost River: On The Trail of Saraswati
Recently a friend of mine recommended I read this book The Lost River: On The Trail of Saraswati by Michel Danino. I have never heard of the guy. A quick Google search says that he is one of those Indophiles from France. That alone makes me skeptical of anything he has to say. Is he considered a serious historian? Anyone on Nirmukta ever read this book or any other works by this guy? If so I will really appreciate a short review before I waste my money on this book. Thanks in advance.

PS: Google search also shows that people who search for Michel Danino also search for Subash Kak, Koenraad Elst, and Francois Gautier. Only increases my skepticism.
I can understand your scepticism regarding the Lost river and Danino. But, again it is always proper and safe to hear all sides. Incidentally, he has also written about Archaeogenetics, and there are many who believe that Genetic studies disprove Ancient Aryan migration. All available in the net. His article is "Genetics_and_the_Aryan_Debate", freely downloadable.

I think a discussion on AechaeoGenetics is inevitable in the forum.


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