Milk, Meat and General Nutrition - Science vs Myth
(15-Jun-2011, 03:58 PM)unsorted Wrote: bobbykrishna I also want to trouble you for some milk advice. smile Is the UHT milk safe/safer to drink? I'm talking about the poly-pack things that last a few weeks if left sealed, and you only need to refrigerate once opened. That's what I've been having for years... without boiling it.

Theoretically yes. UHT treatment is designed to kill all live bacteria as well as their heat resistant spores. But, there are some real heat resistant spores out there that can survive 130 Deg C and given an opportunity, they germinate and multiply in milk. Moreover, any contaminants that get into the milk after the heating process also stay on. They don't grow until the pack is opened, but once you do, they multiply. This is why it is very important to refrigerate open packs. Try and use within a couple of days once the pack is opened.

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