"Miracles" are driving me crazy
1) So I am searching for nearby IMAX theatres to go see the IMAX Hubble movie, when I bump into a movie called 'Mystic India', running in the IMAX theater. I am curious.. so I watch the trailer
Its about some 11-year old kid who walks across India barefoot for 8 years, across the Himalayas, across rivers, forests, and even has encounter with "man-eating" lion, and of course in the end he is a self-realized, all-knowing Guru. And then the movie talks about India's "awe-inspiring" festivals, large gatherings of people, etc.
I am wondering who is this magical kid? Turns out to be yet another godman from the past.
He can walk across himalayas with no footwear, minimal clothes (Newsflash: DRDO has decided to look into the matter. Indian soldiers stationed in the mountains may benefit from it). He can coolly quieten "man-eating" lion by raising his right hand. I wonder if I can get him to shut up my neighbour's alsatian dog. Its been barking at me for the last 1 year.
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Astrokid, I have watched this movie too :(

And worse still, I watched it around 3-4 years ago at the Akshardham Temple complex in Delhi (don't ask how I landed there).
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