Murray Gell-Mann on beauty and truth in physics

I vaguely remember my teachers in high school pointing out the similarity in the equations for gravitational force and electric force. It was really nice to hear Gell-Mann talk about it and about how the laws of the Universe are terse and beautiful when put mathematically.

Also loved what he said towards the end of the talk:

Quote:You don't need -- you don't need something more to get something more. That's what emergence means.
Life can emerge from physics and chemistry, plus a lot of accidents. The human mind can arise from neurobiology and a lot of accidents, the way the chemical bond arises from physics and certain accidents. It doesn't diminish the importance of these subjects to know that they follow from more fundamental things, plus accidents.
Gell-Mann is kewl. [I am trying to be hip despite my age.]

Newton is famous for saying that he could see further because he was standing on the shoulders of giants.

Gell-Mann said that he could see further because he was surrounded by dwarfs.

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