Muslim identity
Identity of Muslims in Indian sub-continent : We are not Hindus.
Muslims of the Indian sub-continent are Hindu-centric. Muslims belonging to Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Srilanka is kafir-centric. Muslims in the Indian sub-continent are devoid of any originality. They always try to prove how they are different from the Kafir.
This is because Muslims came as invaders in India and consider associating themselves with the losers(Hindus) beneath their dignity knowing well that they were converts from Hinduism. 
This very fact makes Muslims hostile towards Hindus. Hindus keep Muslims always on guard. 
Muslims will eat beef because Hindus consider cow sacred. Muslims will not accept a Mother India concept only because Hindus consider it sacred.
It is only because of economic reasons that Muslims are not into polygamy.
The Janata Dal(S) M P Pawan Verma has written a book that mentions how Masjids were made from stones of Hindu temples which had been destroyed by Muslims.
The creation of Pakistan itself has negative connotations. Pakistan means anti-Hindustan.

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