My Evolution Phase Starts Now
Hello fellow members.

It has taken many years for me to finally recognize my skepticism for religion. I am still evolving and am still away from the point when I would consider myself as an Atheist.

Good to learn about this forum....have been reading Richard Dawkins for the past few days and looking for ways to associate with free thinkers in India (hopefully in Indore, M.P.).

I was born into a Bohra family (subsect of Shia Islam) and am growing weary of the constant barrage of sermons and rituals in my family. Hoping that this forum will provide a place to not just vent out but also learn new things and meet like minded souls.

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Welcome to the forums!
It usually takes a clear headed person to realize that all criticisms applied to one particular religion or faith system equally applies to their own. You've taken a good step in understanding that there are better, free choices outside the restrictive realm of religion. You can also be a loving, kind brother or sister to your fellow man and still be irreligious.
Welcome to the oasis of rationalism. Thumbup

One note of warning is that some religions act out toward "apostates"; so I'd exercise caution if I were in a place where my religious choice could bring me or my family direct physical or mental harm.
"It's alright, I rarely meet anyone who's able to read it properly. Although personally, I never thought that it to be an odd of a name. Once I give people the pronunciation, they tend to remember my name by easily associating me with it. A unique face, a unique moniker."
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hi.. I am too a bohra and closet freethinker... where do u live... maybe if we can meet and discuss things out...
or if u are not comfortable with that, then we can just carry it on this forum...
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Hey, check out our FB indore group smile
thanx for link... I was looking for indore grp...

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