NATURAL MEDICINE : Ayurveda helps woman beat a mysterious disease
Just sharing a case of bad reporting and false claims which is so common in the Indian media.


Her disease had been diagnosed, but the cure was a mystery for modern medicine.
Kikuchi Fujimoto Disease (KFD) or Historic Necrotizing Lymphadenitis was what Sushmita was suffering from. The symptoms: a blotchy face and rashes all over her body.

The embarrassment caused due to this ailment, had led the 41-year-old market researcher to confine

herself to the four walls of her home. "It was a terrible phase of disillusionment, as the doctors could finally diagnose my problem, only to find that there was no treatment available. After days of confusion, with some saying it was TB or cancer, finally the disease was diagnosed, but it is so rare that no doctor seemed to know the treatment for it and ultimately it left me feeling like a guinea pig as the doctors kept experimenting with their medications and nothing really worked," recalls Sushmita.
KFD is a rare non-cancerous enlargement of the lymph nodes. This condition is known to have a higher prevalence among Japanese. It manifests itself in high fever with terrible skin rashes. "I was only on symptomatic treatment, but I could not see any permanent cure to the problem," said Sushmita, who was later cured of this problem through the Indian system of medicine.

Doctors say the disease is native to Japan.
Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence
The facts :-

No effective treatment has been established for KFD. It is a benign, self-limited disease that resolves in 1 to 4 months. Patients should be monitored, however, since they may subsequently develop SLE or, in unusual circumstances, develop a recurrence of KFD. Recurrences of the latter are uncommon
Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence
Really bad reporting .. newspapers should consult experts before announcing such claims. This sort of false comprehensions will mislead those who arent intelligent enough to cross check. It is really sad that irrational beliefs are being given credibilty
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