Need help with research
widows and widowers are not permitted to perform wedding rituals of their children. I'm not sure if this is a prevalent prohibitive practice across Hindus, but it's highly common in Brahmin families. Widows and widowers aren't allowed to perform a whole host of rituals, the most appalling one being they're not even allowed to be an integral part of their own children's wedding rituals.

Can someone please help me with research on where this practice comes from? If someone can direct me to the source scripture/books which laid this down as a rule, will be of great help. Also if there's any literature which suggest it needn't be so. I'm looking for both, regressive suppressive and.liberal scriptural views/interpretations on this.

Do plz help!

Its an interesting topic for research. Not sure if this helps but hope this documentary may be useful in some way:

Thanks much! This adds to research!

I specifically need to know the scriptures source basis which such horrible discriminatory practices are enforced upon widows/widowers. can someone point me to the Hindu scriptural literature itself? Eg., is it from some part of manusmriti, is it in some puranas, Vedas?
Do plz help. I'm preparing all this research to build a Public Interest Litigation and will need such specific inputs to highlight wrong interpretations or suggest changes etc


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