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New Theme (Help Us Pick)
The previous theme somehow didn't feel like a forum, and it was also not as powerful as this one. But this one has its own drawbacks.

What do you all think of the change in theme? Is it a step in the right direction? Can we do better? Can it be customized, or should we get a new one...

Bala is designing us a new header, but until then I thought we can use this one. Please share your thoughts on the new theme here.

Here is a screenshot of the old theme:
[Image: 12419-1269714406-preview-index.png]
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I love this theme, Ajita. I like it better than the previous one. It's neat and clean, and keeps the focus on the text, which is good.

By the way, is the title above the new one designed by Bala or the default one? I like it in any case :)

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