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As Nirmukta grows, our role and responsibility also grows. We need to take up social actions in different forms, of which campaigning and lobbying also form an important part. We have many members on the forum and various facebook groups who would like to take an active part in these activities. Issues which have implications throughout the country or internationally need to be posted or located at one place, where all our members can access it. We can probably create a 'petitions' page on our website.

Recently, we drafted two petitions. The first was by Imran Hussain, a letter to the Governor of Karnataka protesting the Karnataka BJP govt's move to introduce Bhagavad Geeta compulsorily in all schools.

The second was by me - an appeal to Richard Dawkins not to attend the Gale Literary Festival in solidarity with the Tamils there.

We need some mechanism to circulate drafts, get and incorporate feedbacks from our members and see that these letters / appeals / petitions reached the concerned persons, agencies, bodies. Someone has to take up the role of a secretariat to do this work. Maybe the core group can do it or we can call for volunteers to do so.

My suggestion would be to create a sub - forum here called petitions which contain petitions, appeals and press releases about our Nirmukta's interventions in various social, cultural, political and economic issues that concern humanity.

I apologise for not knowing if this has been discussed before. Request the admins to shift this post to the appropriate place.


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