Obesity and causal victimization
George Monbiot in his recent article The Mind Thieves observes...

Quote:When you raise the subject of over-eating and obesity, you often see people at their worst. The comment threads discussing these issues reveal a legion of bullies, who appear to delight in other people’s problems.

When alcoholism and drug addiction are discussed, the tone tends to be sympathetic. When obesity is discussed, the conversation is dominated by mockery and blame, though the evidence suggests that it can be driven by similar forms of addiction

A rather egregious instance of 'conversation dominated by mockery' is the late George Carlin's take on obesity, where what could have served the purpose of a timely critique of consumerism, ends up lending itself to tagging as a rant on 'fat people' as most Youtube uploaders call the video.

According to Monbiot, offering up such entertainment ought to be called out on with the same degree of urgency with which corporations selling junk food must be taken to task. From the conclusion of the same article:

Quote:Averting a possible epidemic of this devastating disease (Alzheimers that has been linked to poor diet) means taking on the bullies: those who mock people for their pathologies and those who spread the pathologies by peddling a lethal diet.

Such mockery of those who are characterized as obese, can be viewed as an instance of society's anxiety to avoid what Tom Clark calls causal victimization which ought to be replaced by a strategy of causal empowerment.
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