Om Tattoo - Atheist question
Hi All,

I once identified myself as a religious hindu and did a Om tattoo behind my neck. The tattoo still looks very nice but I feel that it gives the wrong impression since I am now an Atheist.
I don't want to get rid of the tattoo but I want to modify it, or add something to it in a way that it may show that that although I am a cultural hindu, I am not a believer in that religion. Any Ideas?

Thanks for your help!

How about tattooing an ornate question mark '?' next to the Om?
That maybe the closest we have to a symbol of skepticism. Thus juxtaposed, 'ॐ ?'can depict a two-character history of someone questioning his/her faith but still mindful of its influences on their past. It can also be read as 'Om? What does that even mean?'

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sorry for the delay. Arvind's idea was really good. here are a couple more rough sketches of suggestions along with that.

[Image: 49ieT.png]
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Thank you Arvind, and Bala ..this is amazing!!!!! I can not express how much I appreciate you guys taking the time to help me with this dilemma. Absolutely stunning photos also. I very much like the birds flying out idea, and the question mark also. A lot to think about... Big Grin I will definetly post a photo if you would all like to see once I get it done. I already have a OM tattoo on the back of my neck like I said, but I will make one of these modifications for sure.
Again...Thank you!!!
Speaking of tattoos for freethinkers, here's a recent news item...
The Predicted Tattoo (Science Link Sunday), Carl Zimmer

Prof. Coyne is AAI 2009 talk on Why Evolution is True devotes a section to predicted species, which to the right audiences will teem with tattoo ideas.

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