Once fooled now a Freethinker

Firstly, thanks to Ajita & the moderators in initiating and taking efforts in maintaining this forum. 

Its funny how when I was 'believer', I used to assume that I knew the truth, the absolute and the whole truth, because it was written in those so called holy scriptures.

Born and brought up in strictly religious household, you can guess the rest of the story smile 

That said, even after asking way too many questions and even more Hitch-slaps later, I found myself holding onto faith like at the edge of a cliff even though all the evidence is pointing other ways. I was genuinely scared. Dint want to be lost in a vacuum of nothingness, with no faith, hope or purpose left. But, I let go..

And it was one of the best decisions. I dint fall but was uplifted. It isnt all rosy and smooth but is worth it. There is more mysticism and spirituality (lack of a better words) in science than any age old philosophies or perspectives.

Fairly a new born to atheism, I hope to learn, share, connect and grow along with the rest of you here. Thanks for reading. 

Have a wonderful day,
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