Problem of beliefs
One facebook post on page Indian Atheists quotes Dr. Ambedkar saying castism in Hindu's is because of religion. I think the problem is not religion. Main problem of India is beliefs. Belief that someone's Birth Caste is a characteristic of the person's behaviour, spiritual purity and a lot other nonsense. Along the lines of false beliefs superstitions such as "road crossing of cats" and Vastu, Homoeopathy also preveils in India and Indian diaspora of rest of world. Arrange Marriages are better then love marriages is one more example. Aurvedic medicine has no side effect and many more. Religion is the most prevalent case of beliefs systems. The root problem is not religion itself. The root problem is promotion of beliefs against rational thinking. If you promote one belief you unintentionally promote the rest. The most live and latest example of this is Dondia Khera Gold belief.
I have a question to the readers, why the false beliefs are so prevalent in our country, what and why these gets promotions and how to counter it.
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Well now a days Ayurvedic medicine is gaining popularity. I Dont know how you came to conclusion that they posses side effect. May be wrong treatment would have happened. It happens even in modern medicine.

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