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About The Trivedi Foundation
The Trivedi Foundation and the work of Mahendra Trivedi will broaden the scope and depth of scientific research dedicated to studying the field of human consciousness, its link to universal consciousness, and the limitless possibilities that can result when its energies are harnessed for the good of mankind. This will be accomplished in part by Trivedi’s proven ability to create abundant, disease-free and highly nutritious crops, uncontaminated and pure water, a clean and unpolluted environment.
On the recognition slide,

Deepak Chopra:
“Trivedi has the ability to somehow use thoughts to bring about change in all biological systems: from plants to seeds to genes to human organs!”

Mr. Trivedi has successfully introduced his unique capability of thought transmission into the science of Genetics through a series of experiments done on plants including seeds, crops and trees. In these experiments it was concluded that his thought transmission had altered the genetics of 40 crops. DNA polymorphism was found in each of the 40 crops, varying from a low of 7.8% in sponge gourd to a high of 69% in yellow pigeon peas without changing the species of the plant. Under normal scientific conditions, this would be considered to be an impossible feat.

Here's the so called study for the DNA polymorphism change claim.

The methodology:

Quote:Two series of seed samples, made up of equal amounts of canola, tomato and cotton seeds, were prepared and separated into two random groups – one treatment group (Series A) and one control group (Series B).

Series B was kept at DNA Landmark where it received no treatment. Series A was shipped to Madhuri Sharon where Mr. Mahendra Kumar Trivedi applied an energy transmission treatment. The treated seeds were then returned to DNA Landmark.

Once the treatment group was received two seeds from each crop type were taken from both Series A and Series B and planted in two separate plots.

And the results:

Quote:The level of change in genetic expression varied for each crop. The percentage of polymorphism observed between the seeds that received treatment and those that remained untreated is represented as follows:

• Tomato 0%
• Cotton 4%
• Canola 15%

Firstly, 0% and 4% are not at all conclusive. Secondly they should have taken 3 or more populations, subject only one population to "energy transmissions treatment" and then compare it with the untreated populations and also compare the untreated populations with each other and then see if the variance of treated vs untreated is significantly more than the variance of untreated vs untreated.

It was a badly conducted study and it takes some wishful thinking to interpret the results as evidence for "energy treatment". Also, note that there is no mention if the DNA changes are beneficial to us or not.

I couldn't find any study for the claim "DNA polymorphism ranged from 7.8% in sponge gourd crops, to a high of 69% in yellow pigeon peas."
it amuses me , to what detail they have gone to support their purported benefits like about this agriculture [Image: 10qcgi8.gif]

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