Rationalism in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar
I have been in Uttar Pradesh since the 1st of June. We have had three training programs and the response has been excellent to say the least. There have been dozens of writeups, TV reports and several TV programs.

In Bihar the state level organisation is having its first meeting on the 20th at Patna. Hope to have such a meet in Uttar Pradesh by the year end.

In other news, in Karnataka we having a regional meeting at Dharwar for the state level organisation.

Looks like the movement is growing. It is time for more people to get involved. Any volunteer activists in UP?
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We had a fire special program at our 5 day training program at Arybhatt College of Engineering near Baghpat. We got fantastic coverage with two channels posting OB vans at the venue. It went on very well though few people got mild blisters doing the firewalk.
Two girls Anju and Sanju under took the samadhi, one more girl had tea made on her head and a good number of others dipped their hands into 'boiling oil'. the news appeared in all the channels. I do hope the movement will pick up from all this publicity.
The training programs in UP end on the 17th. Off to Patna on the 19th for the first meet to form a state level rationalist organisation there on the 20th. On 21st is the end of the long tour of the hot dusty plains of UP and back to Mangalore.
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