Ravi Sanakaranarayanan (aka Sri Sri Ravishankar) the spiritual fraud

Quote:It isn't that unusual for big companies to file a suit and issue a subpoena to muzzle their critics, said Matt Zimmerman, a senior staff attorney at San Francisco's Electronic Frontier Foundation and co-author of an amicus brief in the case in defense of Klim and Skywalker. "In most cases the subpoena is just granted," he said, explaining that the court has no obligation to decide whether the complaint is legitimate or not, and in most cases, the defendant doesn't have the resources to fight it. "Frequently you'll wind up in a situation where nobody objects, and Google will simply turn over the [subscriber] information," he said. Usually that amounts to a Gmail or an IP address, which the company can then wield to get further identifying information. Many cases don't even get that far — usually, the point of litigation is to expose the critic, and not proceed.

...is quite spooky! Criticizing beliefs without the cloak of anonymity can sometimes be a scary prospect. Imagine an employer who's a devotee of SSRS appraising [Klim's real name here] and [Skywalker's real name here] for job offers or promotions, with full knowledge of their activism!
In this video, His Holiness takes the trouble to tell us unenlightened folk that, that the recently investigated elementary particle, the Higgs Boson, was actually explained first in the vedanta.


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