Relation between methodological and philosophical naturalism
Often we get a debate on relation between methodological naturalism(natural things have natural causes) and philosophical naturalism(natural world is all that exist). Does methodological naturalism automatically signify philosophical naturalism? I read an interesting and very useful paper on this by Barbara forest. I request anybody interested in this topic to read read the paper. (I have attached the paper with the post) Below is the abstract of the paper.

Abstract: In response to the charge that methodological naturalism in science
logically requires the a priori adoption of a naturalistic metaphysics,
I examine the question whether methodological naturalism entails philosophical
(ontological or metaphysical) naturalism. I conclude that the relationship
between methodological and philosophical naturalism, while not
one of logical entailment, is the only reasonable metaphysical conclusion
given (1) the demonstrated success of methodological naturalism, combined
with (2) the massive amount of knowledge gained by it, (3) the lack
of a method or epistemology for knowing the supernatural, and (4) the
subsequent lack of evidence for the supernatural. The above factors
together provide solid grounding for philosophical naturalism, while
supernaturalism remains little more than a logical possibility.

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