Religion and Culture
(29-Aug-2010, 11:38 PM)Sajit Wrote:
(29-Aug-2010, 11:37 AM)vijay Wrote: @swati "What you're calling culture has nothing to do with religion." I was trying to address this particular statement and of course, I don't see you mentioning anything about getting rid of celebrations.
BTW, all the celebrations you have mentioned above are restricted to one family and not an entire town.
At least, to my knowledge I haven't seen anything as grand as this festival.

@Lije ans Sajit Yea many such nuisances occur, people also behead goats in the middle of the streets.

Beheading goats in the middle of a street maybe rare but processions, loud speakers, chariots and other nonsense like going around extorting money etc do cause major inconveniences in Indian cities.

The bigger the city, the bigger the scale of public nuisance due to religious festivals :extortion of money, traffic jams, loud speakers, and some nuisances start well in advance, like, hitting strangers with water balloons, setting of firecrackers at all times of the day and night, etc.
In Bombay, there's 8 to 10 days of inconvenience every year due to Diwali, Ganesha and Holi.

Smaller towns seem to be no better. Is religion losing its grip to gather the crowds and why does one need religion to for drunken revelries?

@ vijay
The festival you're mentioning is a tradition and people seem to know why and what they're celebrating. If children go to school and learn how rainfall occurs, they may stop praying to a rain god.
In cities, very few of us even know the origins of festivals and why we're celebrating the births and deaths of some irrelevant mythological figures. It's all whitewashed for us as children for example, "Diwali is a festival of lights".

Culture is not static. Popular culture does not solely depend upon religion. Before the advent of television and easily available videos, the crowds and queues at cinema halls and cricket stadia were huge. As more choices of entertainment are easily available, religious celebrations will lose sheen, so would that be the end of culture?

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