Reservation for the "caste less"
A discussion from the Nirmukta Politics facebook group:

Quote:SC: Dear Friends , We are forming an association for Reservation of 10% for Caste less persons.
please send your thoughts and lets start a debate .

Quote:Siddharth: What specifically do you mean by "caste less"?

Quote:Ajita Kamal: There might be a fundamental misunderstanding about the role of affirmative action going on here.

Quote:SC: caste destroyed our scientific spirit and brotherhood it spoils our society because I would like to live in a caste less society

Quote:SC: Dear Ajita Kamal what does it mean

Quote:Priyabrata Mahapatro: ‎10 % on what basis ? Is it just an arbitrary 'official' and 'important' sounding number ?

Quote:Aditya Manthramurthy: SC: What is the point of reservation for caste-less persons? How will you justify that they are marginalised opportunity-wise?

Quote:Siddharth: I don't intend to speak for Ajita, but I think he means that affirmative action (in the form of reservations) have a specific purpose: to help those who are systemically marginalized. The reservation system is not perfect; indeed it has many flaws. But those who characterize themselves as "casteless" (such as - say - me) often don't need any reservations in the first place.

Quote:Ajita Kamal: ‎^what he said.

Quote:Alan D'Souza: Does not make sense to ask for reservations. We should instead focus on getting the government to try and get our nations population into a level playing field by improving education standards at the primary level and inculcating a critical thinking nature amongst children. The goal should be looking for a long term solution to the "friendly fire" as Amartya Sen puts it, rather than trying to impose another policy that will serve nothing but one's temporary anger at the system and create a bad impression about secularists as a whole.

Quote:SC: Reservations to caste less society is to encourage people towards to form caste less India. Actually its aim is to avoid reservation fight among people. Its main purpose is annihilation of caste system. Because Caste has completely disorganized and demoralized people in India.

Quote:Alan D'Souza: First define what a casteless person is, then tell us how such a person is economically not having a level playing field "because the person is casteless", then show us how this will help in such a case, where it has clearly failed in the broader context of India. Then ask for support.

Quote:SC: A person is identified not on the basis of caste. His identity should be only as Indian. A person should first and last should be an Indian.He should identified only as an Indian. Reservations for caste less is not on the grounds of economic view. Its only to encourage people to caste less society.

Quote:Alan D'Souza: Then the reservation does not make any sense whatsoever.

Quote:Siddharth: SC, I support your sentiment and your wish to eradicate the caste system. However, I disagree with your proposal. It will not help make our society free of caste based discrimination, and will deny help (however imperfect it may be) to those who truly deserve it.

Quote:SC: Mr. Alan D'Souza:Then what is your opinion on Caste. It is to continue?

Quote:Alan D'Souza: Saying that this method is not going to work is not the same as saying that Caste system should continue. I do not believe in the caste system.

Perhaps you would like to read what Affirmative Action is and what the purpose of a reservation is.

Quote:SC: You believe or not it does not matter. But there exists caste system. What is your approach. It is not your responsibility to eradicate?

Quote:Alan D'Souza: I have already suggested it in my first comment.

Quote:SC: So thanks

SC: Thanks Mr Siddharh Singh
A similar discussion was started in the Hyderabad Freethinkers group and this is what I said (paraphrasing):

Quote:This article lists the main justifications for caste based reservation - (Hat tip to Udhav for the link)

The reason why Balagopal justifies affirmative action is because there is systemic discrimination of entire sections of population. The reason isn't just about economics but also about networking. That is why he says even if an upper caste person is poor, they can still leverage their social connections to move up economically.

So what is the rationale behind asking for reservation for casteless people? What systemic discrimination have we faced, if any, that can't be addressed through other political means, but has to be addressed only through affirmative action?

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