Roots of Religion
Are religions are just man's imagination to deal with his fears? That is, man's instinct for survival is so great that  he has to come up with creative imaginations which allow him to believe that part of him exists after death. I mean, it is not easy to accept if someone said "When you are dead, you are just dead. End of story. Nothing concerning  you ever happens after that". The denial is instinctive. And hence religion. How do you like this thought?

Even if there is a god, like "Tyler Durden" says, what if that god may not like us? That is, what if all life is sort of  factory made and the manufacturer is just some profiteer? You are driven with instincts which your manufacturer put there to achieve his goal. Like computers made at HP or Dell, life is also "made". Someone is "using" us. But we shall never know what our "use" is. Just like the computers will never know of man's existence. Meaning just like the computer does not have the capacity(at least at the current state-of-the-art) to comprehend man, man cannot comprehend his maker. It does not make our god an embodiment of love or whatever crap that religions make him out to be.  Just somebody who gets things done out of his creation? And we shall never know and there is no point trying to know either?

You are asking two different questions. For the first one as to
Quote:"Are religions are just man's imagination to deal with his fears?"

The simple answer is YES. The fear of facing unknown consequences to one's actions, a misunderstood concept of morality, or basically a fear of the unknown are a few explanations for religion. The inherent compulsiveness to refute knowledge of some thing - to accept that something is unknown and research is required to know this - is what leads to creationism (beliefs such as god created the universe or something that led to the concept of the universe).


Quote:What is our purpose in life? Or is there a divine purpose?
Personally, I feel like there is no specific purpose to life. You are not sent here by anybody to do something. If there was a god, he could have done whatever it is that he sent you to do, all by himself.

There is no point in searching for meaning to life. But, having said that, I also maintain that you can create meaning for your life by doing things you like (unless, of course, you like murdering people). We are free to live our lives as we please, as long as we have a sense of morality that is thought out and rational.

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