SRAI website- article on anal sex
Hello friends,

The website for Science and Rationalists’ Association of India featured an article titled 'How healthy is it to enter from the rear gate?' in the month of December,2013. It presents a case against anal sex, especially of the kind that takes place between gay men. Here is a link :

The author seems to inhabit a pre-lubrication, pre-condom world infested with irresponsible gay/straight men who can't keep their perversions in check. Barely halfway through her half-baked article, the good doctor drops the 'unprotected' altogether and lets loose a volley of generalizations about anal sex and gay men. I have no idea what message one is supposed to glean from such arguments.

Some pearls of wisdom from this very learned doctor :-

Quote:"Putting a check on such unnatural practices is necessary not only from social point of view but also from health point! "

Quote:"It is important to discourage people from practicing anal sex if we want to control the spread of deadly AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases."

Sumitra Padmanabhan ( I think she is the association's treasurer) says in the comments section :

Quote: "Very good Arindam & Biplab. Abnormal sexual acts should be prohibited by law– even between heterosexual couples. But for all this– one partner has to lodge a complaint."

All this on a website that purportedly caters to freethinkers and rationalists.
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