Science blogs you follow
Here the ones that are currently in my RSS reader:

Bad Astronomy
Cosmic Variance
Not Exactly Rocket Science
The Loom
Gene Expression

Of these, I sometimes find Cosmic Variance and Gene Expression way too technical for me to understand.

What science blogs do you regularly read?
The Loom
Pharyngula (not frequently anymore)
The Loom
Bad Astronomy
Genetic Future
Pure Pedantry
Not Exactly Rocket science

These are the ones I've bookmarked. I follow a few more but not as regularly as these.
Why Evolution is True
Bad Astronomy

and to a much lesser extent nowadays

Universe Today
The Loom
Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has - Margaret Mead
Here is one that I do not follow: The Scientific Indian
Many of mine are the same, here are some more:
Jerry Coyne
Respectful Insolence
Science-based Medicine
White Coat Underground
Getting Better
Bad Science
DC's Improbable Science
NYT > Natalie Angier
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From my reader:

Cosmic Variance
National Geographic
Nature News
New Scientist
Real Climate
Science Daily
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N - category cafe
Terrence Tao's Blog
are good places for math.

Not even wrong
is a sometimes funny blog that is totally against string theory. (Thinks String Theory is crackpot)

John Baez's Stuff is a great place for physics and math (theoretical) - Best for science news.
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