Six convicted for 'honour killing' in India
It is sad fact that "Khap Panchayats" exist in Haryana and surrounding regions. It is even more unfortunate that most people living in this region actually support these panchayats (as shown in a Tehelka article a few months back).

What innovative ways can be used to deal with this problem? Even the police in this region, being a part of the community, do not take action against such extra-constitutional authorities.
typical. the authorities fear stirring sensitivities. the govt. dont want to touch the vote bank. the mob-mentality of these people are way too muscle-strong against social workers. the only way out is awareness/education.
I have seen street shows using good music and simple make ups and masks creating lot of awareness.
This was usually undertaken by the Leftists for raising the conscience of illiterate and poor. A very simple yet effective technique.
Easy to conduct, is very short and the message is clearly conveyed.

Here is one such scene from the movie - Anbe sivam
Police will take action only if their political bosses order them. Media pressure on politicians is an effective way.
Article below explains the current situation.

Khap panchayats flex muscle as shifting social dynamics threaten their relevance:
The latest is that O P Chautala (a harayana politician) and Navin Jindal (an MP) have put forth the proposal that the law be modified to prohibit marriage within the same gotra. This is utter nonsense. I fervently hope that their petitions are summarily dismissed by our lawmakers. Frankly I am taken aback by their audacity. Seriously, isnt there something that we can do to make our voice heard in places where it matters?

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