Sneak Preview into Work in Progress
I just started doing these Typography videos which we could release in NirmuktaVideos. This first one I'm making is the infamous 'what if you're wrong' video of Dawkins. This one was perfect for this medium. Anyway, I'm about 30% into it and I uploaded a draft version. Since this is my first attempt at kinematic typography, and since this is highly time-consuming to animate, I could use some feedback which would help me the rest of the way.

Dawkins Typography WIP from Bala B on Vimeo.

Oh man, you are the best !!

I really can't wait to see the entire animation...

And btw, its a great idea. That question-answer was a very very famous video.
excellent work
Bala, you don't need me to tell you that this stuff is fantastic. Such high quality animation is a great vehicle for our message. I was very impressed with typography when you first showed me samples. I am very encouraged by this work of yours.

I'm not sure what your vision is. More importantly, I'm not sure what the potential of kinematic typography is. Also, what are its limits? I will do some research into it before offering any ideas. But in the meantime, please guide us as to what kind of feedback you need.

On an unrelated note, I checked out some of the videos of Fraser Davidson, the guy who made the Tim Minchin pope fucker animation. Davidson has also made Minchin's beat poem Storm into an animated movie. I think he uses kinematic typography, but I could be wrong. Here is the trailer for Storm, in which it looks like he does use the same technique:

His other more intricate videos can be found here:
"Fossil rabbits in the Precambrian"
~ J.B.S.Haldane, on being asked to falsify evolution.
Once I finish this, I thought we could release this in our Nirmukta youtube channel probably. I'm sure folks at won't mind posting it there. I could even put a nirmukta watermark on the bottom right so in case it gets a lot of hits, our forum could see increased traffic as well.

Kinematic typography is not very popular in India. But that shouldn't stop us from exploring the possibility.

I must admit I am still getting familiar with the software so once I get to know the software better, I could make these videos faster. The feedback I was after was simple - does it entertain and make you want to see more? Coz I'd hate to put the time and effort and find that the piece was dull or just didn't hit it.

Fraser is awesome. I could only dream of making such great animation for now. Anyways, thanks for the links.
Bala, since I am not accessing this via a proper computer, I can't see the video. But judging from the reaction of the others, it seems to be great. And the idea of the watermark in the video is great!

Our channel on YouTube is called NirmuktaTV. Your videos would really help with the traffic. And I too liked the "Storm" video a lot.
Sid.. errr.. NirmuktaTV won't work. Oops

I registered the name after google bought youtube. Now when you get a youtube account you need to get a gmail account. If you already have one, the youtube account is automatically linked to your gmail account. This is permanent. NirmuktaTV is linked to my personal email ID, FOREVER!

A whole lot of people are pissed off about this. Google gave me no warning. Anyway, we're going with Nirmuktavideos. As Bala said, the name is not really that important. The email for this account is Bala is taking care of it.
"Fossil rabbits in the Precambrian"
~ J.B.S.Haldane, on being asked to falsify evolution.
Haha alright. Although I personally don't mind it being linked to your personal account forever, I understand your concern. By the way, I presume it's not possible to delete that YouTube account and re-register the name right? Nirmuktavideos is fine too though. smile
I was reminded of this:
I don't know what this technique of animation is called.

btw, did not want to side track this conversation. Sorry smile
Excellent animation and content! Thumbup

You guys could create a 3 minute video on critical thinking but it's only open for residents of USA, UK and Canada.

Project Reason : 2011 Video Contest

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