Some Posters I did
Lovely posters!
Bala, brilliant posters mate!
Logo designs for the website . These are copyrighted to Dr.N.Bala who I believe is a member of the forum.

[Image: Indian_Humanist_Logo_by_life1_version2.jpg]
This one I did as a contest entry for logo design for the Centre for Naturalism. Didn't win though!

[Image: Naturalism_Logo_by_life1_version2.png]
A few more
[Image: arent_you_coming__by_life1_version2.png]
[Image: arent_you_wrong_by_life1_version2.png]
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The circular image in the centre is the Hillis Plot. Nearly 3000 creatures are marked on the circumference of the circle! On the original PDF which can be downloaded, you can zoom way in to read the name of the creatures. A tiny portion is enlarged on the background. [Image: The_tree_of_life_v2_by_life1_version2.jpg]
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serious stuff bala. impressed by the research u've put into them. keep uploading them as u churn them out. good job.
Thanks for all the compliments. Really means a lot.

This one was targeted at creationists...
[Image: Evolve_by_life1_version2.jpg]
(30-Mar-2010, 03:48 AM)Ajita Kamal Wrote: Shobhit, are you not seeing the images on the screen? Maybe there is a problem with the site. Which browser are you using?

I use Firefox.

Ajita, I suggest that we should have a forum section of "Technical Issues" (maybe under WELCOME), where we can discuss all this.
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Brilliant work Bala..
do you have 1200X800 res I could use as wallpapers?
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(31-Mar-2010, 07:12 PM)shobhitg Wrote: Ajita, I suggest that we should have a forum section of "Technical Issues" (maybe under WELCOME), where we can discuss all this.

I agree. I think that we need one for feedback in general, and technical issues can be one of the items in the description. I'm considering this as well as a couple of other forums- perhaps one to discuss logical fallacies. Let's give this a couple of days. Nice idea!
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