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Quote:Only list those effects that hurt the under privileged people in a way that is quantifiably worse than in the baseline scenario in which there are no reservations.

1. Reservations/Affirmative Actions raises caste-conscious. for both better and worse.
2. It promotes segregation within the institutes where its supposed to promote participation of everyone and thus reducing the differences.
3. Political Dilemma (in this country i don't think i need to quote the problems of caste based politics, but reservation have become a sugar candy to lure people away from real issues, Col. Bainsla, Gurjar Protests and Rajasthan Assembly elections are live examples. we are due for counting on 8th)

There are two major problems we have. one, we have very low representation from under-privileged in various institutions of society. Two, we do not have enough skill/qualification/capacity among the under-privileged for such institutions. I am not putting up the merit argument of privileged here. I am trying to highlight something in the counter-argument. Merit of under-privileged are low because of their status as an under-privileged. and hence the forth point -

4. Reservation is a crane to bring the under-privileged folk to the places of importance in society, to even out their participation. It solves the problem of representation. But it takes the social and political will away from solving the second part of the problem, social marginalization, problem of missing staircase for such people. problem of building one.

At one hand we have statistics about low representation of SC/ST among Engineers, Doctors, Government Employees, Which demands continuous use of reservations. But we also have this -

Quote:JEE Main 2013 Cutoff for Registration to JEE (Advanced) 2013 Categorywise:
Common Merit List (CML) - 113
Other Backward Class (OBC - NCL) - 70
Scheduled Caste (SC) - 50
Scheduled Tribe (ST) - 45

JEE Main Cut-off for Total scores to fill the choices online for Counselling for B.E/ B.Tech. & B.Arch/ B.Planning
Common Merit List (CML) Category 62 Marks
OBC-NCL Category 59 Marks
SC/ST/All PwD Category 32 Marks

those are some big differences. They indicate something is wrong and needs to be corrected before these students start competing for the exams.

Take example of a hypothetical student up there who got in after just clearing the cutoff say ST with 50 marks in pre and 35 marks in mains. He got into an IIT and is unable to cope with the course there. He failed there or finished the degree in more thn 4 years. Never got placements. After passing out either got lost into niches of society, or got into government job again due to reservations. In a nut shell his degree/studies and those 4 years are lost. Instead if he would have went to an NIT, or some college where he can compete, find his place among the people, he might have made more fruits from those 4 years. Might have worked more hard, learned more just cause of sheer confidence.
It was an hypothetical example. Such cases can happen anywhere, we have such system where reservations bypass capacity/skill/merit criteria. We don't have any statistics for something like that but that doesn't make it unlikely. In a way reservation becomes bane for such students.

Quote:Only list those effects that hurt the under privileged people in a way that is quantifiably worse than in the baseline scenario in which there are no reservations.

A rhetorical question. Why only the effects that hurt the under privileged? why not the whole nation?
Are privileged are ignore-able just cause they are privileged?

I don't feel like engaging you in a debate. Please do read through the material linked in the following post.
Every single of your concern can be disposed off by
1. Rational analysis
2. Information from the FAQ thread.

So going forward, go through the thread and post ONLY if you have specific questions and not random irrational statements like "Reservations/Affirmative Actions raises caste-conscious".

If you continue with such inane arguments, you will be banned.

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