Subramanian Swamy's solution to terrorism
(29-Oct-2012, 05:42 PM)Captain Mandrake Wrote:
(29-Oct-2012, 06:28 AM)Deleted User Wrote: Why don't minorities, through signature or some other method, acknowledge and owe their allegiance to the Republic of India BEFORE the Mecca or the Vatican. And as for the Hindus, well, they always say that India by its nature is a Hindu nation. So here's a litmus test. Why don't the Hindus also go through the same process and consciously acknowledge their allegiance to the Secular Republic (since Hinduism supposedly is "secular" by nature) before god, cult, or Sanatan Dharam. I can only wonder what the reaction would be.

Well, in all fairness the pledge of allegiance you propose does not place the same burden on the minorities (Muslims and Christians) as on Hindus. While the most extreme of the radical Hindus from BJP etal might have a problem (not really, just fake outrage) with the pledge when it comes to Muslims and Christians even the moderates among them will justifiably have a problem with it. They will view it as an attempt at othering them.

Besides what does this pledge accomplish anyway? Couldn't people just lie when making this pledge?

I am simply giving an alternative to Swamy's pledge.

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