Superstitions in India
(05-Nov-2012, 07:23 PM)navya79 Wrote: I want let you guys know why some of these are started.

A sack full of rice will be spoilt when touched by women in periods!
this to give rest to the women in those days. Uneducated ppl dnt understand if you give reasons saying lady undergoes lot of pain so you need to give her rest.....if you say this way ppl vl def follow.

==> Everybody knows and understands pain, educated or not! And if we consider your logic to be valid, it would have been a better (and long lasting) solution to educate the masses, instead of telling lies to them.

Coconut tree, Ashoka Tree, Banyan Tree etc are considered sacred
People used to cut tress for various reasons. Trees above mentioned are very useful to human life.
If there is a sacred feeling then they wont those trees. This is also to reach to uneducated ppl.

==> Same logic as above applies here.... why not educate people instead of telling lies shrouded in religious nonsense?

You can't have non-veg on certain days
Non veg gives you lot of calories and this is jst to maintain health again for uneducated.
===> Any reference material regarding this?

Its a bad sign if u see a dead body when you head out for some work

This is because previously there used to live in joint family where deaths used to occur frequently
and ppl in those days love each other so after seeing the body their mood def gets switched and cannot give his/her 100% to the work he is gng to do.
==> Huh

Do not sleep with your head towards north or west.

South: earth magnetic poles are from south to north and there is iron in blood.
West: your legs vl be on east towards sun. Its a sign of respect for sun.
===> Can you show us some evidence for the validity of the first sentence?
And showing your legs to sun is a sign of respect? Huh

Widow shld nt wear colored sarees or kumkum etc

widows dont have sex life atleast in those times, if a widow focuses on her beauty then she might get diverted which ends up either by having an affair or getting leched.
===>And widowers just waited for the rituals of their dead wife to be over and started hunting for a new bride.... why were widowers not forced to live a life of a sanyasi?

I am talking abt the days these are started when you have uneducated ppl more in number.
It depends on the sense of us how to proceed with these.

===> Educating those people would have been a simpler approach than telling lies....

ETA: deleted the earlier quoted post to remove duplicate text
102. If you see a black crow, it is unlucky. If you see 2 black crows, it is lucky
(17-Sep-2010, 12:43 PM)Sajit Wrote:
(17-Sep-2010, 10:28 AM)nikjerry Wrote: Well, I have read this all infomration about Superstitions and I just want to say that some of them are good while some of them are bad. I remember some of them that are as follows that are bad that some one asks you 'where are you going?', some body sneeze odd no; of times. While others like Eating curds with jaggery, sighting a married lady with flowers on the head & kumkum on fore head are good.

Sorry we do not 'cherry pick' here when it come to superstitions. They are all irrational and that does not make any of them good.

Some science may be there for specific superstitions that people do not know about its cause, but have been found statistically hold justified.
(26-Nov-2013, 01:50 AM)somnath mazumder Wrote: Some science may be there for specific superstitions that people do not know about its cause, but have been found statistically hold justified.

If that is what you have to contribute in a long thread (which has already been discussed), then please do not post.
During death ceremonies (shrāddha), crows are offered food ( under the belief that they represent contentment of the dead person. If crows approach and consume the food, the relatives of the dead person can be relieved that the dead person has no unfulfilled wishes and that her spirit will not wander in the limbo. However, if crows do not eat the offering, the relatives of the dead person take turns in loudly guessing the dead person's desires on her behalf until the crows eat. Naturally, this occasion gives ample opportunities for charlatans to exploit the grieving relatives.
Few more I observed

102. When you starting from home, if you spill items, you have to wait before go, else its considred in auspecious.

103. One should not walk over the legs of other person sitting. it is considered bad for maternal uncle.

104. you should put turmeric to new clothes before wearing them

105. One must wash their feet entirely with out any gap

106. Should not have odd number of doors in a row

107. If crows caws on the house, it suppose guests will arrive
Some superstitions, infact many, can be reasoned for.

The thing is, over the ages, the knowledge of reason was not transferred, just the blunt preaching.

Take for example, cutting nails after sunset.
One could reason that without electricity and hence light, you'd most likely leave some nail residue, which could hurt someone's bare feet.
I'm not defending superstitions here; but I like to keep an open mind towards them and consider them as possible 'duh' moments of the past.
Speak Once. Listen Twice.
well said Madam .

Happy to see some sense exists  in the minds of people .

you are right , Every message told is with a positive message and meaning to help the people and community .

But what happened is you can find out by simple looking into todays world ...

I don't see any change in the  people today or the before ...
To prove this..

Consider today's population ...

How many of us has concern for others ?
How many are strong in their integrity ?
How many can follow things ?
How many are intelligent enough to apply themselves?

Very less percentage for sure .

That must be the same case , years ago.

Only the few who break the odd move forward ,
others simply follow the crowd 
rest suffers .

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