Here's some statistics:
2011 census: "49.8 per cent of households have no toilet facilities and defecate in the open" (each household with more than 2 persons)

World Bank study estimating financial impact of lack of sanitation: "Rs. 24,000 crore annually — or 6.4 per cent of India’s GDP. This loss is created by deaths, especially of children, the cost of treating hygiene-related illnesses, losses from reduced productivity and educed tourism revenues".

To this Jairam Ramesh says that India needs "more toilets than temples" and then is accused of being anti-religion.
Here's another: (All are reported incomes)
Tirupathi--1700 crores
Shirdi sai baba--401crore
Vaishnodevi--40crore per day
Guruvayur--2.5 crore per month

(This does not include the acres of land, the gold on the idol, the"non-profit" institutions and of course, the politicians in their holy pockets). All of them pay very low taxes.
Have these trusts and their megadonor ever built a toilet? Have they educated people about hygiene? How can they if they cannot keep their own premises clean! And they see themselves as morally superior.

How do the donors,both megadonors and poor, cannot see the human being standing next to them? They find it gratifying to feed and decorate a lump of stone.

This is the result of faith and irrationality. Thousands die from cholera and typhoid, diseases which can be prevented by observing simple personal hygiene. If a fraction of this money goes to sanitation and education, we will not suffer the sight of India's children defecating in the open. The onus lies with us. The government will not do everything for us.

Such events underscore the need for a nationwide group advocating rationalism. We don't need to fight religion. Once people adopt a rational outlook on life, religion will become irrelevant and obsolete.

I think if there was a God HE would be the one doing the praying:
"Dear devotee, before you offer me that delicious coconut, please, please wash the shit off your hands". Biggrin
By all means let's be open-minded, but not so open-minded that our brains drop out.- Richard Dawkins
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