ThE DawN oF a New BegInnInG
Very pleased to join the group

Myself Vikrant, pursuing B.Tech at IIT Delhi and currently in my final year.

I was born in a buddhist family in a town near Nagpur. But in these parts of the country as far as I know, buddhism, hinduism and their mumbo-jumbo are all mixed up! Rituals and superstitions form almost an integral part of life. The con-job of Godmen is rampant and my parents too believe in 'babas'.
I always have had problems with the ideas of 'beliefs' in 'babas' and as far as I remember I was in 7th std when I first stated to my parents that 'belief is a personal thing and I do choose not to believe in the beliefs you have' ! My parents were very upset with me and I had to comply with them to pacify the matter but the 'idea of scepticism' had taken root in me.
However this idea got buried away and till 11th I stated looking to God as a 'friend', some mysterious source (the delusions of 'wishful thinking' is indeed very cancerous). Science has always been my favourite subject but still I couldn't look through the delusion; probably because I didn't actually what 'Science' is all about, what its methodology is and what its implications are. As I moved to my higher secondary class I realized that what I had been believing was nothing but 'God' in the Einsteinian' sense. Till that time I had already ascribed values like omnipotence, benevolent to that 'being'; as I removed this 'cover' the true picture became clear and it was indeed very enlightening. The delusion had finally got over.
Since the start of my B.Tech I began to see the world from a realist point of view. Doing course in Physics and chemistry, I began to think 'isn't their interplay enough to give enough complexity?' New ideas arose in my mind; but I felt as if I am alone or that there are only few out there like me. 'The God delusion' was the Holy-grail for my new beginning. I read articles posted by Prof.Dawkins, Dr.Hitchens, Sir Betrand Rusell and found them very uplifting. Slowly I realized that the ideas that I thought of like 'statistical probability of origin of life' , 'abiogenesis' were already out there! Looking for a dias for freethought in India, I found 'Nirmukta'. Talks by Prof. Narendra Nayak , Ajita Kamal and others greatly inspired me. smile It is very inspiring to see that there are many others out there like me. Thumbup
To appreciate 'evolution' I have done courses in Biology too, and the experience has been fascinating. The awe and sense of wonder that one gets when one see 'the forces of nature' and 'laws' , the connection between 'life-forms and matter and energy' greatly transcends any religious experience.

I am an atheist. When did I become? I don't know. (As Dawkins said 'We are all atheists about most of the gods that societies have ever believed in. Some of us just go one god further' and I'm happy to leave that last 'god' behind too)
Hope to join in the discussions
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Hello, Vikrant!
It is always nice to meet other freethinkers! Welcome to Nirmukta.
I grew up in Hauz Khas ( not very far from IIT Delhi). Is the 'Shani Mandir' (located near the entrance of IIT Delhi) still there? The last time I checked, it was doing quite a brisk business. Tuesdays and Saturdays used to be quite high on religious drama. What do the students think about it? Is it discussed, or do the people fear offending the more gullible among them? I wonder whether some member of our (usually) super-alert media has bothered to report how a bastion of primitive superstition thrives right next to a bastion of technological excellence. Our news-channels seem preoccupied with broadcasting the misleading message of astrology, not demolishing it in order to lay bare the truth.


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