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The Apostate who smiled before me
Death is telling this story, but death doesn’t reveal that it’s identity, but reader can get vague hints that death is the one telling the story as they keep reading
1) A Charta religion man in Chartaland
2) Goes to a Western or Parta dominated country (for employment?)
3) In the way or there is gravely ill or injured
4) Parta aid organization saves his life and saves him using faith healing and medicine
5) Converts to Partaity and joins the purch as a the Parta orgs paid volunteer
6) Comes back home cos deported him or to visit family or feeling nostalgic
7) Purch men accused of aiding apostasy (not related to the story’s apostate) in Chartaland and all members arrested (under preventive detention?) for aiding apostasy
8)Every ones finger prints scanned and identified using previous Universal ID System enacted, which he had enrolled in under compulsory enrollment. Some of them don’t have UIDs since they are foreigners. They are held in custody and beaten by the police like it’s normal in the Marta are often known as subcontinent. Some of them who refuse to are killed in a fake encountered (which is also normal in the nations of the Marta subcontinent. As one of the famous police man who did a lot of encounters in the Marta country is quoted “The criminals are the filth and I am the cleaner”)
9) Using UID they recognize that he belonged to Chartaland and belongs to Charta religion and is an apostate and immediately sentence him to death. The judge while sentencing him warns that death is the least he should worry about and hints that what comes after it is going to be much worser
10) He is scared and begins to wonder which God is the true God and thinks the wrong choice decides between heaven on hell.
11) He walks to the gallows. He is still scared. People are shouting and some throw stones at the apostate. They shout that he doesn’t deserve a quick death like hanging and they need to torture him to death. Some one says it doesn’t matter since he is going to hell anyway.
(The ending is something I want to write myself, so, leave the ending)
12) He realizes the truth based on evidence and decides he is not going to hell, but not also to heaven. He knows he is going no where. Where people go after their brains rot. That is nowhere if you didn’t realize. Smiles before death

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